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Day Four of #FMSPhotoaDay is “US” from when we first started dating. #PhotoChallenge #Daniel #Boyfriend #US #Day4
It truly was a great movie. 😞😣😫😩😢😥😭 #SpiderMan #TheAmazingSpiderman2 #Marvel
Jamie begins with J! #FMSPhotoaDay #MayPhotoChallenge #BeginsWithJ
#Selfie city thanks to my father and my new #iPhone!

Is this what dying feels like?

Being up all night with a terrible cough due to my severe allergies is the worst. Cough drops, and possibly throat numbing spray, will be purchased, tea will be consumed, and I WILL get a decent nights sleep tonight. Mark. My. Words.

Daniel & Jamie 2013

Got my hair cut the other day. What do you think?

All dressed up with nowhere to go.Great Friday night, huh? Make it worse? This is one of the VERY few Fridays where I don’t have to work in the morning…

I feel pretty today, so have some pictures of my face! 

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to deal with not having a fluffy animal to sleep with once I’m done house-sitting.

So, here we are, Snickers and I (without an ounce of make-up [why am I putting this on the internet?!]) getting ready for the nightly snooze.

I like to push her to see how much shit she’ll take from me before she jumps off the bed. The thumbs up was almost too much.

…this is the beginning of my transition to the crazy cat lady, isn’t it?

Triple Chocolate Creme Cake: Eat me!
Me: No, cake. 

This is what I went to meet my new roommates in. I mean, might as well go ahead and put it out there how much of a nerd I am.
Anyway, it went fantastic, and I can’t wait to move in with them. :{D
New Car Buddy, Spider-Man! :{D
Isn’t he adorable?!
Chad and me. We’re just that cool.
At Chad’s place watching “Ponyo” while playing with ninja stars. No big deal. :{P