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These anons are driving me mad.

However, I know what the “Agent Anon Y. Mous” has to be someone that knows me personally because I’ve never used my last name on this blog.

Also, I think I know who the ukulele player is, but I don’t want to be wrong.

I honestly considering disabling the anon option, but I know some people wouldn’t talk to be otherwise, so I’ll keep it on…

Honestly, anon asks drive me mad because I just want to know who is actually taking an interest in my personal life! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!


…and no one ever talks to me.

Do I have a disease?! Did I say something to upset you? Sorry if I did.

I don’t bite…hard, I swear (unless you’re unto that, in which case you should leave your number with your message).

-Jamie Alex